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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Prepping Rails With Subversion - Part I

This assumes Subversion repository and Rails project were already created. In this guideline, the Rails files were contained in my_rail_app folder on a Windows platform.

1. Import your rails application by going to the root. Right-click the folder e.g. my_rail_app, select TortoiseSVN then click Import.

You might be required to enter Username and Password for authentication.

2. For safe keeping, rename the folder containing your Rails application e.g. my_rail_app to my_rail_app_back. Then, create new empty folder named my_rail_app.

3. Check out your rails application. Right-click the empty my_rail_app folder, select SVN Checkout.

4. Navigate to the root of this freshly checked out working copy. Go to log folder and remove all log files (temporarily moved them outside my_rail_app folder).

5. Remove log files from Subversion by selecting the log folder, right-click and select SVN Commit.

*The author wish to publish part II of this guideline on the next post.