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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Prepping Rails With Subversion - Part II

This is the second part of the guideline in preparing Rails with Subversion. If you still remember, in part one we removed log files from our local working copy as well as from the repository. Now, we will re-create 'em.. yeah you heard me right!

6. This time we re-create log files to the log folder by simply moving back those relocated log files (done in step 4 of part I). Then, we ignore these log files by selecting them all, right-click and select TortoiseSVN -> Add to ignore list -> Ignore 4 items.

7. Update the log folder. Right-click the folder and select SVN Update.

8. Commit the changes done on the log folder. Right-click the folder and select SVN Commit.

9. We're done with log files, let's navigate now to tmp folder. We will ignore tmp folder with all its content (cache, pids, sessions, and sockets).

10. First, move the tmp folder to a location outside my_rail_app root folder.

11. Right-click my_rails_app folder and select SVN Commit

12. Re-create the tmp folder that was specified in step 10. Right-click the tmp folder and select TortoiseSVN -> Add to Ignore List -> tmp.

13. Right-click folder tmp and commit.

* The author wish to publish the part III of this guideline on the next post. See you then..